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Gay Dating

7 Things Every Gay Should Take On A Date

Here are a few suggestions or tips, on what to take with you on a date. (These dating tips are in no particular order…). 1. Your humor – A must. Guys don’t want to go out with sour-pusses. 2. Condoms and lube. You never know, but it’s best to be prepared. Personally, I try to refrain from sex on the …

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Gay Chat Rooms

Gay chat rooms, Some guys love them, others loathe them. I’ll admit that I haven’t been active in the chat rooms for a few years. However, before I set about to writing this article I decided to cruise by a few chat rooms to see what the scoop is these days… Nothing much has really changed since my chat days; …

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What is FTM?

The border between intersex (hermaphrodites) and transsexuals is very fluent. In fact it can be argued that both are two sides of the same phenomena: during the early devellopment of the fetus the body develloped in a nonstandard way, making it difficult for third persons to guess the gender of the baby after birth. In the FTM case a child …

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Lesbian Prime Minister Walks in Belgrade Pride

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić marched in Belgrade Pride today. The openly-lesbian Prime Minister is the first leader to ever march in a Balkan Pride event. In a speech on the day, she said: ‘Many criticize me. ‘As a representative of the state, I am proud that our country has adopted anti-discrimination laws. ‘The level of discrimination of minority groups …

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Marriage Equality

Gay Marriage Facts: What you need to Know about Same Sex Marriage

It used to be men and ladies. Presently, society considers a third sex which we generally allude to as gays. Throughout the years, gay individuals are battling for acknowledgment in the general public and also enabling them to wed whoever they pick in view of one’s established certification of balance. While a few preservationists contradict to this thought, there are …

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