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Transgender Voice Therapy and Treatment

For the male to female transsexual acquiring a female voice which is convincing, even over the telephone, can be one of the most difficult aspects of changing gender role. Speech therapy is a very important part of the gender reassignment package and may or may not be available through medical referral. This information sheet does not make any recommendations or …

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Transgender Theory

To understand the history of transgender people, one must also understand how both transgendered people themselves, and non-transgendered people explained the presence of such apparent misfits in the otherwise neat binary sex/gender social fabric. One can understand how law, medicine, and society in general treated transgendered people only within the context in which the transgendered person fit into a theoretic …

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Transgender History: Timeline of Significant Events

1907 Harry Benjamin Meets Magnus Hirschfeld 1910 Magnus Hirschfeld coins the term “transvestite” 1919 Magnus Hirschfeld founds the Institute for Sexology in Berlin, Germany, which becomes the first clinic to serve transgendered people on a regular basis. 1920 Jonathan Gilbert publishes “Homosexuality and Its Treatment” the story of “H”, Dr. Alan Hart’s 1917 FTM transition 1923 Magnus Hirschfeld coins the term “transsexual” 1931 “Genital Reassignment …

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The Gay, Lesbian, and Feminist Backlash

The modern era of the gay & lesbian rights movement is usually marked as starting on a hot July evening at the Stonewall Inn in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The New York police, as many city police departments across the United States did, made period raids on sexual minority bars to harass and arrest the patrons. On this particular …

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Transsexualism: A Guide for Employers

Transsexualism is the most pronounced form of Gender Dysphoria, in which a person experiences such a deep conflict between their physical sex and their mental gender that they have no choice but to embark upon the process of Gender Reassignment. Persons with this condition are likely to have been under a great deal of stress for many years prior to …

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