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Gay Dating

Common Anxieties New Intergenerational Gay Couples Experience

Intergenerational couples face anxieties related to their age differences and prejudices from the outside that can make it exceptionally difficult for their relationships to grow. By taking the obvious anxieties (sometimes they’re not apparent to either partner) and tackling them head on, differences can be deemed worthy of addressing or irreconcilable. Read on to learn of some of the top anxieties some …

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Pansexual Flag

Pansexual is a more Accurate Label for Many

Most of the time, the LGBTI+ community focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Intersex people in conversation, etc. Often, though, pansexuals are completely misidentified as bisexual. Are you confused at all? Well, maybe you are if you’re unfamiliar with the term. A pansexual is a person who may be attracted to females, males, transgender people and non-binary individuals.  To …

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Sexuality a Difficult thing for Trans People

Though most people take sex and sexuality for granted, it can be a difficult anxiety-ridden experience for trans people. First, the ignorance of the medical community has made trans people wary of how they are perceived. There are things that need to be said, red tape and bureaucratic hoops that one has to jump through to get access to hormone therapy. …

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Getting Hold of Transsexual Hormone Replacement Therapy

Transsexual hormone replacement therapy helps those who feel they were born in the wrong body transition to what they feel is their proper sex. Many transgender feel discrimination for not having an easily distinguished gender. Hormone therapy helps them easily blend in and not become a target for discrimination. Those who live near a metropolitan area should be able to gain …

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Havana, Cuba

Havana’s Secret Gay Parties

Gay people in Havana suffered violent attacks and police repression for many years. In the Cuban capital, there have always existed “public” gay meeting places, bars & clubs generally for men (we haven’t heard of any such spot where women “lesbians and bisexual women” meet, and it is said the spots for men are rather dangerous for women). These spots …

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