• Gay Couple


    Gaydar, also known as “gay radar,” is a colloquial term used to describe the perceived a…

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    Biromantic Vs Bisexual

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    What is a Gay Bear Bar?

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    Are Gay Marriages Legal In All 50 States?

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    Gay rights refer to the legal and social protections and privileges that are afforded to individuals…

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San Francisco police Officer Brendan Mannix.

Gay Police Officer Wins $225,000 Settlement in Discrimination Suit

A gay San Francisco police officer will receive a $225,000 settlement in his lawsuit alleging discrimination and harassment by his colleagues. The city’s Board of Supervisors gave final approval February 8 to the settlement with Officer Brendan Mannix, according to The Bay Area Reporter. Mannix filed his suit in 2018 in San Francisco Superior Court. He claimed that at the …

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French Court Recognises Trans Woman as The Mother of Her Child

French Court Recognises Trans Woman as The Mother of Her Child

A court of appeal in the southern French city of Toulouse has just ruled that a woman who was born male should be considered the mother of the child she conceived with her partner before her sex change. In what is a first for France’s judiciary, a court of appeal recognised the right of a male-to-female transgender person – who …

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Passes Law Banning Conversion Therapy

New Zealand’s parliament on Tuesday near-unanimously passed a legislation that bans practices intended to forcibly change a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, known as conversion therapy. The bill, which was introduced by the government last year, passed with 112 votes in favour and eight votes opposed. “This is a great day for New Zealand’s rainbow communities,” Minister …

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Israel's Health Ministry Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

Israel’s Health Ministry Bans Conversion Therapy

Israel’s openly gay health minister on Monday announced health care professionals can no longer practice so-called conversion therapy in the country. “No one needs conversion,” said Nitzan Horowitz after the Israeli Health Ministry published the prohibition. “Lesbians, gay, trans and straight, you are just as good and beautiful as you are.” A Wider Bridge, a U.S.-based organization that describes itself …

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Lesbians and Gays Have Higher COVID Vaccination Rates

Lesbians and Gays Have Higher COVID Vaccination Rates

Survey data shows higher vaccine coverage among gay or lesbian adults than their straight counterparts. Gays or lesbians have had higher vaccination rates against COVID-19 compared with straight people, a new study indicates. Estimates derived from survey results and published Thursday in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report show that 85% of gay or …

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