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Canal Parade 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gay Travel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is no doubt the most easy-going city in Europe. The Dutch have traditionally always been a laid back tolerant race indeed they actually legalized homosexuality as long a go as 1811 and Amsterdam epitomizes this Dutch spirit. Blessed with a circular layout which means that getting from place to place can either be reasonably quick or relatively leisurely if …

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Milan, Italy

Gay Travel in Milan

Milan may not have the immediate allure of such Italian cities as Venice, Rome and Naples, but it is a city of immense sophistication with some magnificent buildings, wonderful squares, old streets and not least the magnificent cathedral or Duomo – the third largest in the world. Milan is also the heart of the Italian fashion business, and it looks …

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Ten Steps to Changing Sex from Male to Female

The following steps are those taken by other male-to-female transgenders who have completed transition. Because every transition has it’s own unique twists, it’s best to consider this a checklist of things to do, rather than a rigid plan. That means that although each of the following steps is numbered, your situation might require you to follow a different order. Or …

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Genderqueer Flag

Do You Know Who are Genderqueer and Their Types?

Genderqueer is an umbrella term with a comparable intending to non-double. It can be utilized to portray any sexual orientation personalities other than man and lady, subsequently outside of the sex double. Genderqueer personalities can incorporate at least one of the accompanying: Both man and lady Neither man nor lady (genderless, agender, Neutrois) Moving between sexual orientations (sex liquid) Third …

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Safe Sex

What is Safe Sex?

Safe sex is any sexual activity that does not allow semen, vaginal fluid or blood to pass from one person into the bloodstream of another person. Quite often when we talk about safe sex, we talk about the risk of HIV. Although some sexual activity may be safe from HIV, it’s still possible that you could get other sexually transmissible …

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