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Transgender Glossary Terminology and Definitions

Most persons know some of the terminology in this list. But likewise, most persons do not know all of the listed terminology used by various members of the Transgender Community. As such, I thought that if we had a reference list of the terminology, that persons could refer to this to learn those parts of terminology which may be unknown …

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Listening and Speaking Like a Woman

As a woman, always listen while making eye contact which is something men generally don’t do. Nod often with your head while maintaining the eye contact. Observe how men often do not maintain eye contact OR use an open smile. Hillary Clinton is a good example when she is listening to another. Her head nods up and down continually! Watch, …

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What Shape Of Breast Form Should I Purchase?

Lets review the many options for shape, size, and quality. Nothing can enhance a women’s fashion better than a nice shape; and breast, lets face it, are synonomous with feminine. These days there are a lot of choices when trying to choose a pair of breast forms to provide you with the best effect. So let’s first review the styles: …

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Pride March from the Stonewall Riots to Today

As a result of the police trying to contain the incident with pressure, a large crowd gathered outside the bar and prolonged clashes took place. This incident was the first time homosexuals spoke en masse against the oppression and violence against sexual minorities, and was regarded as the first spark of LGBTI movements, which will grow stronger afterwards. The first …

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Lesbian Couple

Lesbian Relationships

Unlike a heterosexual relationship, a lesbian relationship provides more freedom than restrictions. However, eventually every lesbian relationship suffers from one common drawback: the fear of society in which one has to survive. All relationships are based on love, understanding and expectations. The same holds true for lesbian relationships. A difference of opinion occurs on grounds of whether or not the …

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