• Gay Couple


    Gaydar, also known as “gay radar,” is a colloquial term used to describe the perceived a…

  • Bisexuals

    Biromantic Vs Bisexual

    Biromantic and bisexual are terms that are often used to describe a person’s romantic and sexu…

  • Gay Bear Bar

    What is a Gay Bear Bar?

    A gay bear bar is a type of LGBTI+ establishment that caters specifically to a subculture within the…

  • Marriage Equality

    Are Gay Marriages Legal In All 50 States?

    As now, gay marriage is legal in all 50 states in the United States. This marks a significant milest…

  • Pride

    What Are Gay Rights?

    Gay rights refer to the legal and social protections and privileges that are afforded to individuals…

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Artists & Authors Required for LGBTQI and Food Book

Artists & Authors Required for LGBTQI and Food Book

A call for submissions to an upcoming book focused on LGBTQI experiences relating to food, nutrition, and bodies. We are seeking both authors and artists to submit proposals for a book called ‘Queering Nutrition and Dietetics: LGBTQ+ Reflections on Food Through Art’. The aim of the book is to bring the voices of LGBTQI+ people front and center through either …

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Popular Contemporary Lesbian & Bisexual Poets

Popular Contemporary Lesbian & Bisexual Poets

This page offers an biographies and references for a selection of notable lesbian and bisexual women poets publishing today. Paula Gunn Allen – 1939 – 2008 Paula, a novelist and poet, was born to Laguna-Sioux-Lebanese parents in New Mexico. She is an activist for Native American and women’s rights, and her political concerns transmit strongly through her poetry. Her work …

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Protecting Gay & Lesbian Families

No issue generates more controversy or passionate debate than the battle over whether gay and lesbian families should have the same protections as other families. It’s important to look beyond the rhetoric to examine reality. Gay and lesbian families deserve and need the same rights, benefits, and responsibilities as all other families. It is important to differentiate between a civil …

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Adolf Hitler

Nazi Persecution of Gay Men and Lesbians

Thriving gay and lesbian communities had developed in Germany from 1900 to the early 1930s. This changed when the Nazis came into power in 1933. The Nazis declared aim was the eradication of homosexuality. During 12 years in power they implemented a broad range of persecutory measures. An estimated 50,000 gay men were sentenced and imprisoned, some of whom faced …

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Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian Fiction Books to Read!

A small selection from stock which includes a huge range of lesbian fiction of all types. The Others – Siba Al-Harez A best-seller in Arabic. The Others is a literary tour de force, offering a glimpse into one of the most repressive societies in the world. Siba al-Harez tells the story of a nameless teenager at a girls’ school in …

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