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Transgender Networking

Networking is important, whether its for work, social, or just fun and play. Before we get into networking yourself as a trans woman, let’s ask some important questions. What are your goals and background? For the sake of discussion, let’s say you have been cross dressing for years but never thought simply putting on the clothes was enough. Maybe you …

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Marriage Equality

Christians Against Gays & Gay Marriage?

Are Christians against gays? Gay marriages have hardly ever received religious sanction, especially never so in the realms of Christian Catholicism. The Catholic Church has time and again, raised serious protests against the legalization and public acceptance of same-sex marital unions, across several regions of the world. Such religious condemnation is one of the main impediments in the battle being …

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Gay and Coming Out of The Closet

Coming Out in the Open

In contemporary times, the gay community across the world has got a larger space for expression in society. However, this does not in any way, reflect upon the genuine attitude that a large section of the population harbor for homosexuals. In fact, in most of the less developed parts of the world, as well as more broad-minded societies, people face …

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Crossdressing Transformation

When you decide to permanently dress cross gender dress, a cross dressing transformation will take place. But to have a cross dressing transformation will mean that you have taken several steps towards the goal of dressing like the opposite sex. That might sound easy but trust me, it’s harder than you think. Of course any man can go toss on …

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Crossdressing Makeup

When a man decides to begin cross dressing one of the things that he will have to master is the art of makeup. Cross dressing makeup can be difficult for a man unless he takes the time to learn that there is more to makeup than just tossing some on your face. There is preparation that needs to be done …

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