• Homophobia Kills!

    Why Homophobia?

    So why do homophobes have such a problem with the whole ‘gay’ scene? Is it ignorance? Fe…

  • Being Young and Gay

    Being Young and Gay

    Growing up can be difficult at the best of times. Even more so then for those young people who begin…

  • Workplace

    How do you cope with being openly gay at work?

    How do you cope with being openly gay at work? is it possible? Should you remain ‘in the close…

  • How can I make new friends?

    How can I make new friends?

    We all like to meet people and there are loads of ways to do so, through the Internet, youth groups …

  • Paris Gay Pride

    Paris Gay Pride

    Celebrating its large gay and lesbian communities, Paris lives up to its liberal reputation with its…

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

My Teenage Son Wants to be a Woman

Beth Thomas always knew her son Adam was different she just couldn’t put her finger on it. At times she grew despondent at his mood swings. Adam was spending more and more time alone in his bedroom and when Beth asked what was wrong he wouldn’t answer properly. “I’d always wondered if Adam was gay,” says Beth, 49, an office …

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Gender Benders

Little boys in high heels, jewellery and make-up seem cute at three, less so at school age. And what if your little girl would rather play footie than dress her dolls? Denise Thornton has some sound advice All societies treat boys and girls differently and expect different things from them, so understanding about gender is a crucial stage in a …

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Male on Male Sexual Violence

Male Survivors of Incest or other Sexual Assault It is estimated that 5-10% of reported cases of rape or sexual assault each year involve male victims (Scarce, 1997) . Some rape crisis centers see nearly equal numbers of girls and boys up to age 12. Researchers report one out of six boys will have been assaulted by age 16. Experts …

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What Are Young Gay Men’s HIV Prevention Needs?

Are young gay men at risk? Unfortunately, yes. Accumulating research shows alarmingly high HIV prevalence rates among young gay men and high rates of sexual risk-taking, suggesting that young gay men in their 20’s are forging a “second wave” of the AIDS epidemic. During the 1980s, the median age at HIV infection was older than 30 years. It dropped to …

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Bogazici University

Making Colleges and Universities Safe for Gay & Lesbian Students

The following is a summary from Making Colleges and Universities Safe for Gay and Lesbian Students: Report and Recommendations of the Massachusetts Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, Warren J. Blumenfeld, Principal Author. (For a free copy of the report, write to: The Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, Room 111, State House, Boston, MA 02133) I. Policies Enact …

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