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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Trans Youth at Risk of Depression

A new study conducted by La Trobe University has discovered members of the transgender community face higher than average levels of anxiety, depression and suicide ideation. The report, From Blues to Rainbows, conducted by Dr Elizabeth Smith at La Trobe University, in association with beyondblue, suggested familial support was integral in maintaining the mental health and well being of young …

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Help, I think I’m a Crossdresser Now What?

Its been with you all of your life. Sometimes in the foreground, often times in the background. Its really influenced your life but you never realized it. Then suddenly one day you receive a startling revelation. You still like the clothing of the opposite sex. You are a Crossdresser. You thought it was getting better but now its getting worse …

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Defining Sex and Gender

The following definitions form a helpful guide to understanding issues around gender dysphoria. Physical Sex: To what sex do the organs of the body match, i.e. male, female or hermaphrodite. Gender: is expressed in terms of masculinity and femininity. It is largely culturally determined and effects how people perceive themselves and how they expect others to behave. Gender Identity: The …

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Transgender Voice Therapy and Treatment

For the male to female transsexual acquiring a female voice which is convincing, even over the telephone, can be one of the most difficult aspects of changing gender role. Speech therapy is a very important part of the gender reassignment package and may or may not be available through medical referral. This information sheet does not make any recommendations or …

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Transgender Theory

To understand the history of transgender people, one must also understand how both transgendered people themselves, and non-transgendered people explained the presence of such apparent misfits in the otherwise neat binary sex/gender social fabric. One can understand how law, medicine, and society in general treated transgendered people only within the context in which the transgendered person fit into a theoretic …

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