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Feminine Body Language & Dating For The New Trans Woman

Feminine gestures can send silent signals of desire, or communicate a complete lack of interest. Are you new at going out as a woman and understanding the subtle signs of attraction or lack thereof? Before you launch yourself into the line of fire, take time to practice the basics of creating that first three-second impression that states Female and not …

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Femininity Can’t Be Bought, Femininity Tips for Transsexuals

I kind of knew it all along. But I never found the right words to say it in a such simple way. It finally dawned on me, after attending Denaë Doyle’s seminar on “Expressing the Woman Within with Dance”. We can spend as much money as we want on surgeries, hair, cosmetics, clothes and accessories, but all that cannot take …

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Gay Dating

Gay and Queer Books & Guides on Dating, Romance & Relationships

Looking for some more good gay oriented reading material? Here are some books with more practical gay dating tips, gay tips, guides and advice as well as some humor for gay men. Enjoy! On Picking Fruit by Arthur Wooten Although he was born gay, Curtis Jenkins has trouble, uh, picking fruit. He is still searching for that elusive man of …

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How to Help Your Trans Children

Transsexualism is a condition where the person’s body is one gender and the mind and soul or essence is the opposite gender of what they are physically born with. Indeed it is a proven to be a birth condition. In studies it has been determined that the size of the hypothalmus in the brain, in Male to female (MTF) Transsexuals …

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Real Life Horror Films

Most of us love a good Horror Film. We wait for that moment when we are truly scared as our heart jumps out of our chest. We spasm in our seats and our feet come off of the floor. We love that thrill. What about afterwards will we be scared? Its not likely because it wasn’t real. We tell ourselves …

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