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Lesbian Parents Forced to Accept Rights of Donor

A lesbian couple faced court in France this week after their sperm donor sought parental rights of their child. The donor, a friend of the couple, had initially agreed to donate sperm and waive his parental rights to the child. The lesbian couple had exclusive custody of their two-year-old offspring until this week when a French court ruled in favour …

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Transgender Parents!

Okay, let me start off by saying that no, of couse I don’t have all the answers, who does? I just have a lot of life experience as far as the children of transgendered parents are concerned. So, let’s see, my name is Jess, I’m 17, I’ve been happily female my whole life and I don’t feel the need to …

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Telling Parents

This is for everyone who’s planning to tell their parents soon and to everyone whose parents know but just don’t understand (I apologize in advance to FtM readers and non-transsexual readers. This is written in terms of a transsexual woman. I hope you can find useful insight regardless)… As you may know when I came out to my mum last …

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