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Transgender Theory

To understand the history of transgender people, one must also understand how both transgendered people themselves, and non-transgendered people explained the presence of such apparent misfits in the otherwise neat binary sex/gender social fabric. One can understand how law, medicine, and society in general treated transgendered people only within the context in which the transgendered person fit into a theoretic …

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

The Rights of Man, Woman and Transsexual

The authors are in the employment department at Bates Wells & Braithwaite. Copyright 2001 Times Newspapers Ltd. 30th January 2001 Employers are disturbingly ignorant of sex change issues, say . With 5,000 transsexuals in Britain, issues about gender reassignment are arising within the workplace with increasing regularity. Several employers have sought advice from us in the past year about the …

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