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Transgender Identities in the Ancient Mediterranean

The interaction between religion and a society’s construction of gender has important ramifications for transgender communities within that culture. This relationship is especially compelling in the Ancient Mediterranean, in which a number of cultures with diverse spiritual and social environments thrived prior to the spread of Christianity. Within these cultures, religion provided a space for transgender individuals within a larger …

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Transgender History: Timeline of Significant Events

1907 Harry Benjamin Meets Magnus Hirschfeld 1910 Magnus Hirschfeld coins the term “transvestite” 1919 Magnus Hirschfeld founds the Institute for Sexology in Berlin, Germany, which becomes the first clinic to serve transgendered people on a regular basis. 1920 Jonathan Gilbert publishes “Homosexuality and Its Treatment” the story of “H”, Dr. Alan Hart’s 1917 FTM transition 1923 Magnus Hirschfeld coins the term “transsexual” 1931 “Genital Reassignment …

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