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Popular Misconceptions About Bisexuals
Popular Misconceptions About Bisexuals

Popular Misconceptions About Bisexuals

There are many harmful misconceptions out there regarding bisexuality.

These common assumptions exist in and outside of the LGBTI+ community.  Bisexuality is real and it’s here to stay.  Some of your friends might be bisexual (or you might be, of course) and won’t come out for fear of being judged harshly and incorrectly.  It’s time that everyone is able to put these myths to rest.

Bisexuals are attracted to men and women equally

Everyone is different.  Some who identify as bisexual might be attracted to one gender in a different way than they are to another and possibly much more.  Others do not believe that gender matters at all when it comes to their attractions.  It’s best to refer to the Kinsey scale to understand this more thoroughly. The Kinsey scale has sexual orientation displayed on a scale from 0 to 6.  Zero means that a person is completely heterosexual and 6 means exclusively homosexual. We can each fit anywhere on that scale…and we won’t necessarily stay in the exact spot.

Bisexuals are in a phase before coming out as homosexual

It is possible that some lesbian and gay people came out as bisexual first, but that’s not the rule.  It’s also true that some who identify as lesbian or gay end up coming out as bisexual.  Sexuality can be fluid for some, just like a lot of things in life.

We’re all bisexual or we’re all not bisexual

Bisexuality is real.  There are actually individuals who will be attracted to and have sex with both men and women for their entire lives.  This is not everyone, though.

Bisexuals can’t have a partner of just one gender

It’s a common misconception that bisexual people will need to be involved with both genders to be sexually and emotionally fulfilled.  There are many who are perfectly content having the partner they’re with at any given time and who want to be monogamous.

Bisexuals are just very promiscuous people…more than any other group

Just as with any other sexual orientation, there will be some people who are promiscuous and some who are extremely monogamous.  Sexual orientation is not the deciding factor here, the individual makes the decision.

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