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LGBTI+ Teens

Are LGBT Students More Likely to Abuse Substances?

Members of the LGBT community typically report a higher level of psychological discomfort and complications in their lives. America may be accepting of sexual minorities in some areas, but not completely across the board. Many, including heterosexuals, turn to drugs to cope with the difficult situations they are presented. Two studies (Substance use of lesbian, gay, bisexual and heterosexual college …

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Health & Healthcare

Trans Women May Be At Greater Risk For Depression

The LGBT community has always been thought to be at greater risk for clinical depression than the general population because of the alienation that LGBT people often feel after “coming out” to family and friends, and it seems that the stigma and pain is a greater onus for women and transgender women because of the male-dominated social hierarchy that these individuals …

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Female to Male Transgender: General Health Care

There are many reasons why FTMs will be reluctant to seek out medical attention or even preventative health care. Many older FTMs have assimilated even without hormones or surgery. Their greatest fear is discovery. Sometimes even their own partners and families don’t have a clue about their situation, and if they do, they are just as frightened of discovery. Mainstream …

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