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Can a Trans Woman Get a Uterus?

Transgender women, also known as trans women, are individuals who were assigned male at birth but identify as female. Some trans women may choose to undergo gender-affirming surgery as part of their transition, and this can include procedures to create a more feminine appearance and align their physical characteristics with their gender identity. One question that some trans women may …

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How Do I Deal With A Transgender Person?

It is extremely important to refer to a transgender person by the pronoun appropriate to their presented gender. In other words, if someone identifies as female, then refer to them as she; if they identify as male, refer to them as he. If you are not sure, ASK them what they want. Once you know, be as consistent as possible. …

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Creating A New Wardrobe On A Budget

Transition is expensive. In my wardrobe consultations with a new TG woman, we establish how to begin buying on a basic backbone while incorporating the concept of “Capsule Dressing”. For example, buying one high quality skirt suit in a solid color and wearing the skirt several times per week. Pair them with less expensive blouses, sweaters or quality cotton T-shirts, …

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