Gay Dating App Hacked

According to the news in Metro Weekly, Gay dating app Manhunt has revealed that it was hacked in February, exposing the data of thousands of users. In a statement to the Washington state attorney general’s office, Manhunt said a hacker had “gained access to a database that stored account credentials for Manhunt users.” The hacker had then “downloaded the usernames, …

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London Trans Pride

London Trans Pride 2021 To Go Ahead

Organisers of Trans Pride London have announced the event will go ahead on June 26, commencing at 2pm in Hyde Park, after being cancelled last year due to coronavirus restrictions. In an Instagram post, organisers said the event is an “opportunity to unite our voices against the continued and increasing disregard for trans safety, healthcare and wellbeing in the UK.” …

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William Asa Hutchinson II, 46th Governor of Arkansas

US State Bans Gender-Affirming Treatment for Trans Children

Arkansas has become the first US state to legislate a ban gender-affirming treatments for trans children under the age of 18. The laws, passed this week, prohibit doctors from providing gender-affirming hormone treatment and puberty blockers to anyone under 18 years old. The bill also outlaws gender affirmation surgery for children, which doctors don’t currently perform. Doctors are also banned …

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Boys Beware

Anti Gay Film: Boys Beware

Boys Beware (1961) may be retro, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s funny. Sometimes retro can be fun. It can be amusing to laugh at the idiotic opinions of our forebears. We can see how far we’ve come and take some kind of comfort in mocking the prejudices of yesteryear. On the other hand we can watch Boys Beware …

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Virginia Woolf

Lesbian Books

Lesbian literature includes works by lesbian authors, as well as lesbian-themed works by heterosexual authors. Even works by lesbian writers that do not deal with lesbian themes are still often considered lesbian literature. The first novel in the English language recognised as having a lesbian theme is Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness (1928), which a British court found obscene …

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Madrid Gay Pride

Madrid Gay Pride

While there is an amazing LGBTI+ scene in Madrid all year round, there is one undisputed highlight on the calendar. The annual Gay Pride event is the biggest of its kind in Europe and regularly attracts upwards of 2 million people. Just imagine! It’s an incredible sensation just being there.  Madrid Gay Pride takes place normally for about 10 days …

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San Francisco

Top 10 Gay City Breaks

Whether you’re looking for a wild weekend or a romantic break, my top 10 gay city breaks shoud give you some great ideas for your next break. There are so many ‘must’ visit cities in the world, although some from outside the UK are not exactly weekend destinations. Here are my top 10 gay city breaks for you to choose …

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John Barrowman

Top 10 Gay Actors

When I though about a top 10 gay actors list, the obvious actors stood out. Here I look at some of the sexiest, funniest and well known gay actors to date. Not necessarily in the biggest grossing films or even in movies at all, why not browse my list and see what you think! 10. Rock Hudson Born: 17th November …

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Family Matters

Coming Out Stories: Family Matters

Coming out to my family was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I just broke down and cried, sparked off by something entirely different. I wrote a letter saying that I had started hormone treatment and wanted to become a woman. Mum came into my room to see what was wrong, and said that she had known about the cross …

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Homophobia Kills!

Internalized Homophobia

In my last article, I discussed responses to homophobia. For example I described incidents where I had been victimized by gays and lesbians as a result of their transphobia, and how I deal with the anger by discussing those feelings with others. Notably, I had reached a point where I was tired of the anger. Rather than being angry at …

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