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Transgender Youth at Risk

No one wants to go to the doctor, right? Studies indicate that young people especially do not seek health care unless they are sick or in crisis. Of course, these studies usually describe only a certain segment of young people – namely those with homes, with families, in school, and not gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT) identified. Strangely, these …

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Trans Youth at Risk of Depression

A new study conducted by La Trobe University has discovered members of the transgender community face higher than average levels of anxiety, depression and suicide ideation. The report, From Blues to Rainbows, conducted by Dr Elizabeth Smith at La Trobe University, in association with beyondblue, suggested familial support was integral in maintaining the mental health and well being of young …

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Some Notes on the Special needs of Young Transsexual People

What do the younger ones need ? This is a little of what I have picked up over the last few years. Please bear in mind that everyone who is TS seems to be able to “cope” and pretend to be happy in their biological gender for a certain length of time, until suddenly a crisis enters their life and then they …

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