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Sapir Berman

Sapir Berman becomes Israel’s first Transgender Soccer Referee

A top soccer referee came out publicly as the Israeli Premier League’s first ever transgender referee at a Tuesday press conference. Sagi Berman told reporters that she now identifies as a woman, and has changed her name to Sapir. “I always saw myself as a woman, from a very young age. At first I did not know how to name …

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Memorial for Gay Holocaust Victims in Tel Aviv, Israel

Memorial for Gay Holocaust Victims in Tel Aviv

Israel announced that it is to erect a monument in the honour of gay victims of the Holocaust, the first of its kind in the country. The memorial is to be completed in Meir Park, Tel Aviv later this year, and the first of its kind in Israel. Like other monuments around the world, it will feature a concrete pink …

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Living as a Lesbian and Gay in Israel

Israeli seems to be the most progressive country in the Middle East when it comes to homosexual rights. Lesbians can serve in the military, adopt a child born to her current partner by artificial insemination from an anonymous sperm donor. Israel only recognizes marriage performed by religious institutions. This means that both heterosexuals (who don’t want a religious ceremony) and …

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Rabbi Daniel Asor

Israeli Rabbi: COVID-19 Vaccine Will Make You Gay

Rabbi Daniel Asor told his followers in a recent sermon that they should avoid being vaccinated against COVID-19 as doing so could “turn them” into homosexuals, according to Israel Hayom. The Rabbi shared conspiracy theories with his followers, claiming that the vaccines are manufactured by a “global malicious government,” the Jerusalem Post reported. Daniel Asor’s claimed that the “malicious government” …

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