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Understanding Transgenderism

The prefix ‘trans’ comes from the Latin word for across, so ‘transgender’ literally means “across gender” (Huffington Post). This is an umbrella term with people of various types attached. Since gender is such an important part of identity in most cultures, it’s difficult for a transgender person to “come out” to someone. It takes a lot of trust and courage. …

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What is Gender Identity?

Gender is a primary category in which individuals both identify themselves and are identified by others. Gender is not a set of binary categpries, but rather a spectrum. The concept of gender can be restrictive in many ways. People are generally expected to identify as a particular gender, the one which has been assigned to them, and act in specific …

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By and large, the transsexual condition is referred to, and often dealt with, as a sexual problem. Gender identity and sexuality are two separate aspects of our lives. Yet, it is amazing how many people have trouble conceptualizing the difference. Since transsexuals began approaching the medical community after W.W.II, the general view of those practitioners was one of taking a …

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