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Attempted Murder Defense
Attempted Murder Defense

Attempted Murder Defense

One of the most serious and harshly punished crimes in the American legal system is murder. Murder is defined as the unjustifiable killing of another person without excuse. While some types of murder charges require prior planning, others require unnecessary extreme recklessness.

An individual who has taken a substantial step toward committing a murder that did not actually result in the death of someone can be charged with attempted murder. Regardless of the circumstances, if you have been charged with attempted murder, you deserve experienced, knowledgeable legal representation. To discuss your case with an attempted murder attorney of the Law Office.

The Legal Definition of Attempted Murder

Because murder differs from manslaughter in that it must have prior intent or a high degree of recklessness associated with it, one of these two elements must be proven in order for your crime to be considered attempted murder.

The act of planning is typically not enough to count as attempted murder. For instance, you may have to actually buy a murder weapon and tools necessary for the crime, rather than just casually mention that you want to kill someone. To fulfill the criteria of extreme recklessness, you must do something inherently dangerous such as randomly shoot at drivers on a highway.

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