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Credit Card Fraud
Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud Defense Attorneys

There has been an increasing shift in recent decades toward the use of credit and debit cards to complete all manner of financial transactions. While this has undoubtedly been a tremendous convenience, it has also created an additional means for an individual to wrongly obtain goods through fraud. For an employee who is in control of or has access to company credit cards or other sensitive information pertinent to such accounts, any appearance of impropriety may be met with accusations of embezzlement through credit card fraud.

If you have been charged with embezzling from your employer through the abuse of credit cards, it is important that you obtain skilled and experienced legal representation. Contact the credit card fraud defense attorneys to begin working to protect your freedom and your reputation.

Examples of Embezzlement Through Credit Card Fraud
There are a number of ways in which embezzlement may be committed through instances of credit card fraud. Some of these may seem to be fairly obvious, and others less so. The following is a representative, though not exhaustive, list:

  • Using company information to open a fraudulent corporate account
  • Making purchases with a stolen card
  • Utilizing a company account for personal use
  • Taking advantage of a compromised account
  • Charge-back schemes

Charging items or using the credit card to take out cash, hiding the money, and using it for personal gain will be considered a form of embezzlement.

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