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Crossdressing Transformation

When you decide to permanently dress cross gender dress, a cross dressing transformation will take place. But to have a cross dressing transformation will mean that you have taken several steps towards the goal of dressing like the opposite sex. That might sound easy but trust me, it’s harder than you think. Of course any man can go toss on a dress and away they go but to have him actually look as though he could be a woman, that takes some work.

When you begin your cross dressing transformation you will need to find clothing that will work for your body style and make it look great. For a man that wishes to dress like a woman it would be best for them to look in clothing stores that cater to those who are cross dressers. Reason being that they have their store full of clothes that are made specifically for those who have decided to undergo this mtf transformation.

Something that men might have a problem with when they go looking in any store for clothing is that many tops are made to accommodate breasts. Fortunately if you find that perfect top and you just need the breasts to complete the ensemble there are many bras that are made to both look and feel like they have actual breasts in them. That bra would actually enable you to shop at most any store that sold women’s blouses leaving no cap on what you could wear.

When picking out clothing for your cross dressing transformation no doubt that if you are a man you will want to try the ever classy high heels. Problem with those high heels is that many women have a hard time wearing them leaving it even harder for a man. Not because a man is any less talented than a woman but because of the difference in their size, shape and feet. It’s hard to balance on high heels but to get the practice you need simply wear them around your house before you take the plunge and wear them shopping. Best part is that you will be able to look silly or fall and no one will be there to see you if you practice in your home. But anybody can point out the man who is cross dressing when he goes strutting through the store with no practice.

A very important part of the cross dressing transformation is makeup. Makeup is wonderful as it can soften even the most masculine features. Many men who wear makeup for the first time tend to overdo their makeup a little as they see what they like on a woman and try to imitate it. A way that you can get makeup tips would be to go to your nearest makeup counter and ask them for help. They are trained to be able to help a customer find the best shade to fit their skin. Great makeup can complete the cross dressing transformation so that it will be hard to tell if you are cross dressing or were born that way.

There are many things to consider when you undergo a cross dressing transformation so that everything blends together. By reading these tips you can blend them so that life is a little easier. – 2012

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