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Crossdressing Makeup

When a man decides to begin cross dressing one of the things that he will have to master is the art of makeup. Cross dressing makeup can be difficult for a man unless he takes the time to learn that there is more to makeup than just tossing some on your face. There is preparation that needs to be done so that the finished product is smooth and flawless.

One of the things that will inhibit how flawless your cross dressing makeup can be is facial hair. There are procedures that you can have done that will actually eliminate all traces of facial hair. That would mean never having to shave again and definitely never having to worry about the shadows that can form where your beard should be. But if a procedure of that form is not something you can do at the time, at least buy the best razor there is to get the hair as short as possible or maybe even wax the hair off.

Once you have fixed the problem of facial hair you will need to think of what you can do to make your face as smooth and soft as can be. The reason that is important is because once you apply the makeup it can be obvious where there was dry skin or anything of that nature. To help cleanse and soften the skin there are some wonderful facial cleansers available that help with other stuff such as acne as well. Once you’ve washed the face, simply apply facial lotion to everywhere but the eyes of course.

Even though men have more facial hair, it seems that they don’t always get blessed with the best eyelashes. If that is the case then there are fake eyelashes that you can use that will save you from having to worry about bothering with mascara. All you need is some fake lashes and some lash glue that will help hold them on until you’re done with them. It’s best to buy lashes that have the little spaces between each lash as they will conform to your eyelid much better.

Now that your face is shaved and moisturized you can begin worrying about applying your cross dressing makeup. If there is still hint of a beard after you apply your foundation you can simply cover it with some orange lipstick, some camo paint (used by hunters and such) or simply beard concealer. Once you’ve covered your face with foundation and covered your beard in whichever way works best for you, you will need to cover your face with powder. Make sure when you purchase the powder that you match the shade to the color of your skin.

With the base of the makeup now in place you can finish up the look by adding some eye shadow, blush and lipstick. Picking out any one of those three can be very difficult as there are so many to pick from. When you do, keep in mind what kind of look you are going for. If you want glam, pick some dramatic colors. If you are simply going shopping, softer tones would work best. Lipstick is nice if you can buy the stuff that you can wear all day because then you just need some shimmer gloss to keep your lips fresh all day.

Crossdressing makeup is something that can add interest to even the simplest of outfits. Have fun with it. – 2012

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