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Evidence from Social Media
Evidence from Social Media

Evidence from Social Media

As websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter become more and more popular, more people are displaying their lives online through pictures, videos, and status updates. In many cases, these constant postings can have serious legal consequences, as attorneys can use them to obtain photographic evidence or prove / disprove alibis for witnesses and defendants.

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Using Social Media for Evidence
Social media presents a platform for people to access all kinds of information about other people. While many individuals like to share information with their friends through these sites, it is important to keep in mind that there are lots of parties that can access this information. Social media can provide the following information that may be relevant in legal proceedings:

  • Photos of parties or other events, which can be used as direct evidence
  • Videos providing real-time recordings
  • Status postings indicating where and when you are at specific times
  • Friend postings indicating locations and times of activities

Once you post something online it can be accessed by a number of different parties, and this information could be used for or against you in legal proceedings.

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