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FTM Related Books

Here Is A List of Female to Male Related Books…

Bornstein, Kate. Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us. Vintage Books, 1995.

Bornstein, Kate. My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely. Routledge, 1998.

Brown, Mildred L. & Chloe Ann Rounsley. True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism-For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals. Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1996.

Burke, Phyllis. Gender Shock: Exploding the Myths of Male and Female. Anchor Press, 1997.

Califia, Pat. Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism. Cleis Press, 1997.

Cameron, Loren. Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits. Cleis Press, 1996.

Colapinto, John. As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised As A Girl. Harper Collins, 2000.

Devor, Holly. FTM: Female-To-Male Transsexuals in Sciety. Indiana University Press, 1997.

Devor, Holly. Gender Blending: Confronting The Limits Of Duality. Indiana University, 1989.

Feinberg, Leslie. Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue. Beacon Press, 1998.

Feinberg, Leslie. Stone Butch Blues: A Novel. Firebrand Books, 1993.

Feinberg, Leslie. Transgender Warriors : Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman. Beacon Press, 1997.

Halberstam, Judith. Female Masculinity. Duke University Press, 1998.

Hewitt, Paul. A Self-Made Man: The Diary Of A Man Born In A Woman’s Body. Headline, 1995.

Israel, Gianna E. Transgender Care: Recommended Guidelines, Practical Information, and Personal Accounts. Temple University Press, 1997.

Jones, Aphrodite. All She Wanted. Pocket Books, 1996.

Kirk, Sheila M.D. Masculinizing Hormonal Therapy for the Transgendered. Together Lifeworks, 1996.

Middlebrook, Diane Wood. Suits Me: The Double Life Of Billy Tipton. Houghton Mifflin, 1998.

Morpurgo, Michael. Joan Of Arc. Harcourt Brace, 1999 (Children’s Book)

Nataf, Zachary I. Lesbians Talk Transgender. Scarlet Press, 1996.

Nestle, Joan. The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader. Alyson Publications, 1992.

Pratt, Minnie Bruce. S/he. Firebrand Books, 1995.

Queen, Carol and Lawrence Schimel. Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality. Cleis Press, 1997.

Ramsey, Gerald, Ph.D. Transsexuals: Candid Answers To Private Questions. The Crossing Press, 1996.

Rees, Mark Nicholas Alban. Dear Sir or Madam: The Autobiography of a Female-To-Male Transsexual. Cassell Academic: 1996.

Reit, Seymour. Behind Rebel Lines. Odyssey, 1988. ( Children’s Book about a girl who enlisted in the Union Army as a boy.)

Stringer, Joann Altman. The Transsexual’s Survival Guide: To Transition & Beyond. Creative Design Services, 1990.

Sullivan, Louis. From Female To Male: The Life Of Jack Bee Garland. Alyson Publications, 1990.

Thompson, C.J.S. Ladies Or Gentleman: Women Who Posed As Men, And Men Who Impersonated Women. Dorset Press, 1993

Valerio, Max Wolf. A Man: The Transsexual Journey of an Agent Provocateur. William Morrow & Company, 1998.

Volcano, Del LaGrace & Halberstam, Judith “Jack”. The Drag King Book. Serpent’s Tail, 1999.

Wilchins, Riki Anne. Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender. Firebrand Books, 1997.

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