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Health Insurance Quotes
Health Insurance Quotes

Health Insurance Quotes

High deductibles come along with any discussion on insurance, and many queer policy holders head straight for these types of plans when looking for a free quote for lesbian and gay friendly health insurance. The common idea that has been spread around is that high deductible plans are more affordable because the premiums are lower, and while the second half of that statement is true, the reality is more complex.

As a matter of fact, people with high deductible plans end up gathering more medical debt than others, simply because the high deductible is an obstacle in emergencies, and pretty much any time. While some may put money for their high deductible insurance plan in a savings account, there is still plenty of time for things to happen while they wait to save up enough money to pay these higher amounts.

People who have high deductible plans also have difficulty accessing many things, such as prescriptions and well visits. Remember the next time you look for a free quote for lesbian and gay friendly health insurance that taking more of a risk on yourself puts more of a financial burden on you as well, which could defeat the purpose of health insurance.

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