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Lesbian and Gay Friendly Health Insurance Agent
Lesbian and Gay Friendly Health Insurance Agent

Lesbian and Gay Friendly Health Insurance Agent

The way to find a lesbian gay friendly health insurance agent is pretty simple–just ask. Once you have a list of possible insurance agents, start calling and finding out which one’s are lesbian and gay friendly. It’s a lot easier to do this over the phone, and it also saves a lot of time. You can also ask around among friends, or call your local lesbian and gay community center to get recommendations.

Once you have a lesbian and gay friendly health insurance agent, you’re pretty much set. The agent is your path to finding lesbian and gay friendly companies, and they can help you locate a company which offers both good quotes and also has policies which help those with domestic partnerships, gives no exam coverage, and can help in such things as artificial insemination or implantation treatments for lesbians trying to conceive.

Some people choose not to bother with an insurance agent at all, though. For one thing, there is almost always a fee associated with this, and it’s also true that much of the information you need can be found independently online or through lesbian and gay community centers. You may try to save yourself some money and just look up health insurance quotes yourself.

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