Lesbian, Gay Male and Transgender Elder Abuse

When most people think about Lesbians and Gay men, they think about sexuality. After all, it’s sexuality — sexual behavior — that distinguishes heterosexuals from homosexuals. And since our culture says sexuality is an intensely private activity (particularly for the generations who are currently elders), discussion of Lesbian and Gay male elder issues can seem inappropriate and/or unnecessary, particularly when …

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A Queer Arab Identity?

In this presentation, I discuss the notion of Queer Arab, and examine the ideological gesture it performs. What does Queer Arab achieve as identity formation? Whom does it refer to, if it is anything but self-referential? My initial project was to discuss Queer Arab and the possibility of militantism in the Middle East, rather than mobilize my theoretical apparatus, constantly …

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Belgium Deports Homophobic Turkish Imam

According to reports in the Belgian media, the imam of the Green Mosque in Houthalen-Helchteren, near the city of Genk, shared a discriminatory message on his Facebook account that “homosexuality is a disease, causes decay and is banned by Islam”. Imam also recalled the controversial anti-homosexual preaching of the President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş. He also thanked a follower …

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Bogazici University

Boğaziçi University’s LGBTI+ Studies Club Closed

According to the news of Bianet, Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun has shared a decision with the signature of rector Melih Bulu and announced that Boğaziçi University’s LGBTI+ Studies Candidate Club...

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Lesbian Couple

What Types of Discrimination do Lesbian and Gay Partners Face?

Because of the lack of legal recognition of same sex partnerships, lesbians and gay men face a wide variety of discrimination on many fronts. Pensions Many pension schemes, including all public sector superannuation schemes, provide for a widow’s or widower’s pension if the pensioner dies before his or her spouse. In these schemes a gay or lesbian partner can never …

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Learning How to Communicate Effectively with Your Partner

All of us want attention from our partner and to know we are loved and cared about. However, we can also fall into the trap of thinking our partner should miraculously “know” what we want. The bottom line is, when we don’t say things out loud, there is a good chance we won’t get what we are looking for. When …

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LGBTI+ Teens

LGBT Youth Experience More Cyber Bullying

LGBT youth face significant difficulties with discrimination, harassment and lack of family support. It also happens that they face more harassment online–a place where many youth go to feel as if they’re more part of a community, receive support, medical information, and other opportunities . One study by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) found that LGBT youth faced …

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Health & Healthcare

Understanding Anal Cancer Screenings

It is a rare disease, but anal cancer does exist and deserves our attention. The cases of anal cancer are a lot more prevalent in gay and bisexual men or, “men who have sex with men” (MSM).  Unfortunately, most MSM’s have not been tested or know that any screenings are out there, and do not know much, if anything about anal …

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Rabbi Daniel Asor

Israeli Rabbi: COVID-19 Vaccine Will Make You Gay

Rabbi Daniel Asor told his followers in a recent sermon that they should avoid being vaccinated against COVID-19 as doing so could “turn them” into homosexuals, according to Israel Hayom. The Rabbi shared conspiracy theories with his followers, claiming that the vaccines are manufactured by a “global malicious government,” the Jerusalem Post reported. Daniel Asor’s claimed that the “malicious government” …

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Student Protests at Bogazici University

Students of Istanbul’s Bogazici University defied President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s appointment of Melih Bulu as their school’s rector for a third day in a row, accompanied by more police officers than the previous demonstrations. Students marched to the ferry docks after a protest on campus, crossed the Bosphorus and joined a crowd of hundreds more in Kadıköy. Melih Bulu was …

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