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Marck Angel
Marck Angel

Marck Angel Delivers Socially Conscious, Pop Album “Seraphim”

“Seraphim” – a derivative of the word “angel” – represents light, fire, ardor & passion. Pop/R&B singer-songwriter Marck Angel’s new LP, “SERAPHIM”, metaphorically delivers that meaning into a seamless, urban-pop symphony, delving into many social, political & cultural issues affecting our world today.

The socially conscious, concept album, arced into 4 movements (loosely architected in classical symphony form), lyrically addresses hard-hitting subject matters, such as: police brutality, LGBTI+ rights, political corruption, global warming, war, addiction, gun control, and suicide/depression… just to name a few. Angel, juxtaposes substantive lyrics over uptempo, danceable Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop grooves, infused with flares of Rock, Funk, House, Jazz, Classical & Gospel.

Delivering the message is Angel’s signature airy, contra-tenor timbre – both full voice & falsetto – and layered lush melodic harmonies. With Angel at the helm of production – writing, composing, arranging, producing & engineering all 14 tracks – additional production was harnessed from legendary hip-hop producer/DJ Swanny River (“Fvckboy”), and production newcomers – Brian “B-Dubs” Wilson (“Faded”) and Joshua “Jenkster” Jenkins (“Candid”). Angel also totes an arsenal of featured artists on his musical trek, including: Fly Young Red (of “Throw Dat Boy P*ssy” rap hit fame), electro-hop royalty Baron Artist, Likwuid, Splash T, Los Lauren 718 and R.E.D. The album is also narrated with historical soundbite interludes from iconic public figures, such as: Nelson Mandela, James Baldwin, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt and the great Dr. King.

In tandem with the three hits already in place – “Justice” (charting #4 on the Black Pride Top 40 – Year End Chart), “Wings” (spawning an artist cover feature in “Get Out” Magazine) and the 3.5 million viewed YouTube smash hit, “Maybe” – Angel is set to release his forthcoming short film, “Seraphim: A Short Love Story”. The 45 minute film short, inspired & soundtracked by music from the LP, is set to be released this summer in select theaters & via exclusive digital video platforms.

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