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Paternity Lawyers
Paternity Lawyers

Paternity Lawyers

While determining the mother of a child is not a difficult task, verifying the father can be much more difficult. Litigation may be necessary to resolve situations in which the mother claims a different man is the father, or in which the supposed father denies paternity. These cases hold a significant amount of weight because issues such as child support hinge on them.

One of the most effective ways of determining paternity is through DNA testing. Using the results of these exams, a court can make an accurate ruling on the child’s father.

Paternity Adjudications

The determination of a child’s father is an important issue, upon which many practical matters hang. For men who claim to be the father, but are denied visitation by the mother, proving DNA relation can earn them legal visiting rights. For mothers who remain unsupported in raising their children because the supposed father has denied his paternity, positive DNA testing can earn them financial and physical support.

DNA testing allows courts to accurately and scientifically prove paternity. Both defendants and plaintiffs may use this method to protect themselves in a paternity dispute. If you would like to receive legal advice about your situation, the paternity issue lawyers can help. Call to speak with an attorney about your case.

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