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Nasal Surgery or Rhinoplasty
Nasal Surgery or Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Every rhinoplasty surgery comes with a 20% chance that the patient will need revision rhinoplasty. There are many reasons why this happens and there are also ways to avoid it happening. When insurance does not pay for the surgery, the cost can seem overwhelming and having to get revision rhinoplasty only adds to the expense. That is why it is important for a person to understand what they can do to avoid such surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a very difficult surgery. The nose is complicated and can heal in unpredictable ways which is why such procedure is sometimes necessary. It is even more difficult than the original rhinoplasty surgery. That is why it is advised that a person wait at least one year before seeking such operation. This gives the nose time to heal. Many times a person will chose to use a different doctor than the one who performed the original surgery. This is not always because the original surgeon messed up, but because there are surgeons who specialize in revision rhinoplasty. Some doctors will even refer patients to a specialist.

One of the difficulties in revision rhinoplasty is the scar tissue left behind fort he previous surgery. A surgeon has to be able to work through the scar tissue and find the cartilage underneath it. The actual revisions made will depend on why the revision surgery was needed in the first place. If the person was just unsatisfied with the nose, for example, wants it to be smaller, then the surgeon can go in and shave away more cartilage and bone. In some cases, though, like taking too much away, the surgery becomes more difficult.

The biggest things for a patient to remember to avoid revision rhinoplasty are to choose a good surgeon and follow all of the surgeons orders before and after surgery. A surgeon should be experienced in rhinoplasty and completely discuss the surgery before hand with the patient. The patient should make sure the doctor knows exactly what they want from the surgery. One of the biggest reasons people seek revision rhinoplasty so because they did not get the results they desired. While a surgeon can only work with a person natural bone structure, if they know what the patient desires they can do the best possible to make sure it turns out that way. The things a doctor says to do both before and after surgery can effect the final outcome. A person should be careful to follow all the doctors orders and advice.

By being educated about revision rhinoplasty a person can try to avoid it and if they have to have the surgery done, they can make sure it is successful. A good surgeon is one of the most important factors in both avoiding such situation and getting a good revision rhinoplasty. Patients should also always follow doctors orders and be willing to accept that they may not get the exact results they desire.

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