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Smashed Not Wasted

Smashed Not Wasted: Hope for Addiction Recovery

Powerful Memoir ‘Smashed Not Wasted’: Hope for Addiction Recovery, The memoir “Smashed Not Wasted,” which tells the story of a gay man’s journey to recovery from alcohol addiction, will be published in July. Published by Guts Publishing, the book explores the author’s story of overcoming alcohol addiction and how he ended up on this path. The book’s release coincides with Pride Month celebrated in June and Alcohol Awareness Month in July, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of recovery within the LGBTI+ community. “Smashed Not Wasted” promises to be a powerful and inspiring read, offering hope and encouragement to those struggling with addiction and seeking a path to recovery.

Title: Smashed Not Wasted
Subtitle: Award-winning mental health campaigner’s candid narrative on addiction and recovery
Publication Date: 5 July 2023
Price: £11.95
ISBN: 978-1-8384719-9-6
Binding: Trade Paperback
Format: 127mm x 203mm
Nonfiction: 235 pages

Sam Thomas, a writer and public speaker known for his mental health advocacy, shares his candid memoir “Smashed Not Wasted,” detailing his battle with alcohol addiction and its toll on his mental and physical health. After a night of partying, Sam finds himself in bed with a Valentine’s Day date who transforms into a beastly creature. Confused and hungover the next morning, Sam discovers his date has no recollection of it. He turns to drinking to cope, but attempts at quitting result in unexplained illnesses. Multiple emergency admissions to A&E lead to a diagnosis of alcohol dependency. After a detox facility and a crisis that lands him in a psychiatric hospital, Sam’s epic recovery journey begins.

“At the height of my glorious relapse, I was inward looking, lived an insular existence and was irate about most things in life — all words beginning with ‘I’. The ‘I’ was a clue to where the responsibility lies. What’s more, the ‘big I am’ has no place in recovery but my ego had to be deflated first.” — Sam Thomas

Sam Thomas is an award-winning mental health campaigner, writer, and public speaker. His work has been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, Independent, Metro, and The Mirror. He has been in recovery from alcohol addiction for nearly three years, which he considers his greatest achievement. Sam resides in Brighton with his “therapy gecko” and a collection of exotic house plants.

Website and Contact Information:

Twitter: Sam_thomas86
Instagram: SamThomas8186
Book Website:
Publisher: Guts Publishing, London N8 7QE
Email: [email protected]

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