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Style Tips for Queer Women
Style Tips for Queer Women

Style Tips for Queer Women

Coming out as queer and finally embracing your own sexuality and identity means new opportunities to express yourself in all the choices you make. After all, much like people choose t-shirt slogans depending on their own mindset and they invest in specific brands that, let’s say, share their sustainability values, your finally liberated queer self can enjoy some good old stylish expressiveness, too.

Although you’ll find a slew of tips on what you should wear as a lesbian, or what constitutes a solid outfit for a professional setting, there’s one main thing to remember: you’re here to make your own style rules. With that in mind, consider the following suggestions to get more creative with how you dress.

Start with the basics

The beauty of being yourself and the freedom to explore your identity through fashion is that you get to focus on what inspires you most and what you feel best wearing every day. Okay, you might not be able to pull off your bathrobe to work, but you can find that perfect middle ground to let you feel amazing and look the part.

A basic pair of jeans, blue or black, as well as a (faux) leather jacket are considered essentials. Now, what you do with them will make all the difference. The right shoes can elevate the jeans for a cocktail evening with the boss, while your favorite sandals can be ideal for your daily challenges.

Let your locks do the talking

For many queer women, a hairstyle is a huge part of their identity and a way to get creative. However, many choose to go with a practical hairdo such as short and snazzy locks, simply because they don’t want the hassle of managing and tending to longer hair. Others, however, dream of luscious, long strands that let you experiment with all kinds of dyes and dos.

To achieve that, you can invest in the best hair extensions made of real human hair and ethically collected, to match your hair color, or even to add a brand-new tone to your locks. Get playful with your hairdo, experiment with different styles, and you’ll find this as valuable as your favorite makeup when it comes to expressing your style preferences and matching your fashion look.

Accessories as your statement pieces

With so many options to pick from, you can rest assured that your accessories will become more versatile over time, allowing you to not just choose them based on the outfit, but also to wear your queer self with zest.

By supporting queer Etsy-based businesses, you can purchase accessories that speak to your inner queer, and you can wear your values with a badge, a colorful bandana, or jewelry. You’ll even find lingerie that’s completely free of conformism, letting you enjoy your body in style at the same time.

Confidence is sexy

No matter how much we’ve advanced in the past few years in terms of gender equality and the freedom of identifying yourself as how you genuinely feel, the struggles of being queer are still a reality many women need to face. These issues are deeply embedded into the mindset of each society, and thus wreck the confidence of so many queer women out there.

The main factor in selecting your wearables should be how confident you feel wearing them. Does that skirt make you feel uncomfortable? Pick the leggings, then. Or the cargo pants. Is the jacket too tight? Oversized is and always will be a great pick. Whatever inspires you to strut your stuff with the feeling of true pride, that’s your go-to wardrobe.

Before you rush off to buy a new pair of leggings you don’t really like just because they’re trendy, take a moment to reconsider with these tips in mind. Your queer self deserves to breathe freely, even through your clothing and accessories, and you can always use fashion as another way to express your inner voice. These tips are merely suggestions and guidelines, but if you feel empowered in your PJs as much as you feel comfortable in a suit – you’re on the right track to discovering your spotless queer look!


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