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Sex and the Third Gender

Author’s note: The opinions expressed herein came out of my and my friends’ filthy minds. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entirety of the transgender community and their often stick-in-the-mud medical caregivers. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. So this is my first column about one of the most tense and tricky subjects on earth, …

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Understanding the Third Sex and Issues Related with Transgender

Transgender are not uncommon in our societies throughout the world. However, often they fail to attain a respectable and much deserved comfortable life in the world of the two predominant sexes of the society. Transgender people are present in every country including US, Russia, Mexico, Britain, India, China etc. Yet, societies often discard them as unwanted. In some countries, transgender …

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If you don’t know my Gender: Just ask Me

After 55 years of my life a scientist has just figured out what I and most transsexuals already knew at the age of four or five and that’s what Gender we are. ““To discover who or what a child is … you have to ask them,” Dr. William Reiner of the Oklahoma University Health Science Center told a meeting of …

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Intersex Conditions

According to Prof. John Money, who has carried out extensive work within the field of gender identity, as many as four per cent of people are born with neither a clear male nor a clear female identity. This would mean around two and a quarter million people in Britain may be living with some form of intersex condition. Of these, …

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