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If you don’t know my Gender: Just ask Me

After 55 years of my life a scientist has just figured out what I and most transsexuals already knew at the age of four or five and that’s what Gender we are. ““To discover who or what a child is … you have to ask them,” Dr. William Reiner of the Oklahoma University Health Science Center told a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Although his study was done on intersexed Children whose lives he followed into adulthood his thinking can most defintley be applied to Transsexuals as well. “There is no one biological parameter that clearly defines sex,” added Dr. Eric Vilain of the University of California, Los Angeles, whose research suggests gender is genetically hard-wired into the brain before birth — regardless of which genitalia develop.

After years of assigning Gender to intersexed children based on their chromosomes and what would be best for the child, they now admit that was mistake. So imagine the horror of little Johnny or Mary who are forced to live in a Gender forced upon them by someone else. Imagine the terror as they are injected with the hormones from the wrong gender giving them secondary sexual characteristics and body changes that are foreign to them. So why didn’t anyone ever listen to the screams of these children before. What about the Transsexuals who were stopped from being the gender they knew they were?

That’s right folks. The kids really did know what gender they were at the tender age of four. Transsexuals and the intersexed have been saying this since they remember. Did anyone listen to us before? NO!!! Isn’t it amazing that our brains develop long before our genitals do in the womb.

Bringing up a child in the wrong gender is nothing short of torture for the kids involved. Wearing the wrong clothes, playing with the wrong toys and the whole time just plain not fitting in. At 13 you start turning into a monster if you’re a Male to Female (MTF) Transsexual. Your beautiful voice changes, body hair starts growing, muscles start forming and you turn into a hairy monster. For a trans person this is one nightmare from which you never wake up. You start wondering if Vincent Price and Bella Lagosi the kings of the horror flicks are invading your dreams. “Remember” says my Dad who stands me up from my sitting position to pee standing up “this is for your own good”.

I declared my name to be Marsha at age 4. I changed it to Laura at the age of seven. My best friends name was Marsha. We played house all the time and I was the Mommy. My father kept tossing bags of toy soldiers at me, along with a football and a set of six guns all the time shouting he would make a man out of me. My lifes been hell ever since. I told them I was a girl and no one listened.

Its time for everybody to “wake up and smell the coffee”. I don’t dress up as a woman as a choice. I am a woman dammit. Ok, so the study I’m talking about is for intersexed children. Certainly anyone with half a brain can see the similarities here.

Speaking of studies, where are the studies about transsexual children? There aren’t any? Why not? Because a conservative, religiously influenced government is not going to approve any grant with that dirty word “SEX” in it. That’s why. So transSEXuals have to wait 4 more years for even a chance at getting more humane and compassionate human beings in government Offices. Meanwhile, the torture legally continues for about a million or so Transsexuals. So who do I scream at?

2006, by Laura Amato @Laura’s Playground

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