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Christianity and Homosexuality
Christianity and Homosexuality

Christianity and Homosexuality

Christianity is further divided by many denominations such as Anglican, Catholic and the Uniting Church and many smaller sects and denominations.

Within the Christian church there exists a wide diversity of opinions on the question of homosexuality. While nearly all agree with the need to accept homosexual persons, there is no agreement regarding how to regard homosexual behaviour – what is its moral status, or place in the “order of creation”?

What this shows is that when it comes to reflecting biblically on the issue of homosexuality, there is no easy consensus. Not only do we come to the issue from varying standpoints but we also bring different ways of interpreting scriptures. Some of these differences are fundamental and reflect divisions within the churches. It is, therefore, important to respect these differences. We may, for instance, believe that someone is not interpreting scripture correctly, but the fact is that is where they stand at that point of time. Although it is important to listen to their point of view, we do not have to agree.

One thing is clear; the Bible is not a kind of rulebook we can consult when we want a ruling on an issue like homosexuality. For this reason dependence for insight on selected texts alone ignores the fact that the Bible is to be read as a whole.

Also the Bible has been traditionally interpreted from a heterosexual bias. That is, interpreters have assumed heterosexuality is the norm. Asian Christians complain that the Bible has also been interpreted from the bias of white Europeans. They now read the Bible from their own situation.

Does this mean that homosexual Christians may see the Bible with different perspectives?

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