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Crossdressing Tips

Cross dressing tips are very valuable to those that have decided to start cross dressing. But finding cross dressing tips aren’t always easy to find as many don’t understand the lifestyle. Fortunately for those needing cross dressing tips I will list a few for you that can make the whole new venture a little more interesting.

Clothing is very important as one of the cross dressing tips. I know that some will look at the outfits that the opposite sex wear and have something in mind that they want to try for themselves. But for those men that wish to wear women’s clothing you might find it hard to find a top that will fit you right. Main reason being something very obvious that women have and men don’t, breasts. When clothing designers make blouses and tops they make them so that they can fit breasts into them. There are designers that cater to those who wish to cross dress and can make tops that will look like they belong on a woman but can be worn by a man. Easiest way to fix that problem so that you can shop anywhere would be to purchase a bra that looks and feels like it has real breasts in it. Companies are making them specifically for those who wish to look as if they have breasts when they don’t or simply have bigger ones then they really do. A way for you to start the transition into women’s clothing would be to purchase a pair of women’s jeans. Start wearing those around and get yourself comfortable in them.

Most men who wish to dress like women will at some point in time wish to try high heels. This is one of the cross dressing tips that I really want to emphasize is that men in general have a hard time with high heels. Not just because of the height added to someone but also because men are just built differently. They have bigger calves than most women, bigger feet and an overall bigger frame. To wear high heels is hard for some women to do but for a man, it takes practice. If you really want to be able to wear high heels in public that’s fine, just practice in private first. Walk around your house in high heels so that if you look silly or maybe fall, nobody is there to laugh or tease you. Takes a lot of the stress out of it.

Makeup is a hard thing for men to be able to apply correctly to themselves when they first learn to cross dress. Mainly because they see something they like on a woman and try to copy it. But what they don’t take into consideration is that just because it looks good on a woman doesn’t mean it will on a man. Before you apply your makeup and head out for a night on the town you might want to get some pointers. Head to the local makeup counter and ask them to help you find the best makeup for you. Colors, shades and what foundation would be best are all things that they will be able to help you with.

By combining all of my cross dressing tips you can now have that perfect look that will make everything fall into place. – 2012

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