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How to Cross Dress

Millions of people each day wake up and decide that they want to try something new. For some it will be to go to the salon for a new hair do. For others it might be something completely different such as they want to learn how to cross dress. There are different levels of extremity that you can take when you learn how to cross dress, each one step further into the role of another gender. But to step into the role of cross dressing you can learn how to cross dress so that you can make the transition smoothly and with less commotion.

If you are a man wishing to dress like a woman something that you should keep in mind when you learn how to cross dress is that what looks good on a woman won’t necessarily look good on a man. Women are made differently and so therefore, so are their clothes. Companies have realized that and have made a few things that someone can purchase to make a man look far more feminine. There are bras made to look and feel like a real breast that you can buy to make that beautiful shirt look just right. Makes it nice if there was a shirt that you really wanted that just didn’t look right without the breasts to complete the ensemble.

For those men that wish to learn how to cross dress makeup is something you will wonder about sooner or later. Thing with makeup is that not all men know the right way to apply makeup. What you might think looks great on someone else might not be the way that your makeup is shown to others. If you really want to wear makeup the best way to learn how to apply it would either be to go to ask for help from someone you know or to go to the makeup counter to have them show you. Those people are paid to know how to best apply makeup and so can give you some of the best tips there are to get the look you want.

Wearing high heels is something that most men will try to figure out when they learn how to cross dress. Heels are at times a problem for many women let alone a man who is shaped differently, is usually taller, and has differently shaped feet than most ladies. Before you go out in public wearing heels you might consider walking around your home in them so that you have the process down. That way if you fall or look silly, no one else is there to point it out to you.

When you learn how to cross dress you will likely want to try everything you’ve learned when you go to town. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to accept your new look and be prepared for how you will react. People have an uncanny knack for making others feel bad about something that they really enjoy. If you already have prepared what you will say or do, it will make it a lot easier on yourself.

Now that you know how to cross dress go out and enjoy the world from a different point of view. – 2012

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