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Gay Dating
Gay Dating

Dating Advice for Gay Men: Gay Dating Sites

3 Tips For Choosing a Dating Site That’s Right For You:

Any gay college stud has already seen the crowded field of dating sites available from any computer, laptop or mobile phone these days. If you haven’t discovered online dating, do yourself a favor and browse around a bit because it really does simplify a lot of the social requirements as compared to cruising the bar scene, and there aren’t any 21 and over requirements to get into a gay dating site the way there are at local campus pubs. The real question at this point is what makes one gay dating site better than another for your personal use?

1. It really ought to be free to try.

If you reach a site and it starts asking you for money immediately, just go somewhere else. Yes, dating sites do deserve to earn a living just like anyone else providing a service, but all the good ones are free to try or at least give you some kind of limited trial access until you get a chance to decide if they fit your needs. Anyone saying, “give me 50 bucks and then I’ll show you what’s inside” these days isn’t a good option.

2. Inclusive is important.

Some gay dating sites try to be so niche it’s absurd. If you really only want to date one very narrow kind of person, then I guess a site that only caters to “men who wear blue shoes on Wednesdays” might be a halfway decent choice, but dating (especially in your college years) should really be about exploring and opening yourself up to new experiences. That’s why more inclusive dating sites make sense, where you can get to know a variety of men from all different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and more.

3. Size matters.

Yeah, there are plenty of size queens who think the bulge of your blue jeans is what matters most, but when it comes to gay dating online, the size you really want to focus on is the size of the community you are joining. Why waste your time on some tiny dating site, talking to the same eighteen people, when you can be on a gay dating site, talking to thousands of people in your own local area and millions of people globally?

The sooner you get into a free, inclusive and sizable dating community online, the faster your college gay dating experience will be able to exceed all of your own expectations. If you find great sites worth joining, be sure to contact us and let us know so we can include them in our own upcoming tips for gay men!

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