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Transgender Definition, Transgender Meaning

Transgender syndrome is a congenital medical condition treated by university hospitals around the world. It is a physical (organic) condition that takes shape in the mother’s womb. The initial sex of the offspring in all mammals is female. In the second month of development in the womb, the sex of the baby remains female or turns into a male with the hormones secreted by the fetus. During this period, the sexual structure of that tiny body and brain is determined. This explains why males also have nipples that remain as traces of the original female gender.

Something goes wrong at this stage of fetal development, and the sex of the baby’s body and the sex of the brain will not be the same, that is, the brain remains female while the body is performing sexual transformation, or while the brain is transforming, the body remains female before it transforms. Research on the brain confirms this explanation. Autopsies performed on people born transsexual have shown that the gender of the brain is not the same as the sex at birth. (Part of the brain is different in males and females.)

It is not medically possible to adjust the consciousness to the transgender body. The solution adapts the body to the brain / consciousness. This process is called gender redefinition or gender correction. The procedure takes many years (such as epilation, talking therapy, hormone therapy). Also, the financial source of this transaction must be provided. Surgery is not the last step of the procedure.

Transexuality has nothing to do with transvestism. Transvestites are men who like to look like a woman, even though they are happy and content to be men.

Transsexuality is not linked to homosexuality. A gay man gets together with a homosexual man, and a homosexual woman gets along with a homosexual woman. They are proud of their gender and oppose surgical removal of their genitals unless they encounter cancer or another disease. Homosexuality refers to a relationship. Transsexuality indicates identity anxiety, not sexual orientation. Like other people, the transgender-born person can have a relationship with a man, a woman, both, or neither.

Transsexuality is not a mental illness. Psychiatrists and psychologists saw it as an illness and tried to treat it for years. But since this is not a mental illness, it has now been understood that it is not possible to be cured by psychiatrists. In fact, it has been observed that a transgender is more balanced in terms of mental health than other people.

Clothing and appearance are not a matter of taste for transsexuals The transgender person dresses up and dresses up specifically to be seen as a natural member of the opposite sex. This is a necessary part of the treatment and the person has to live in this role for at least 1 year like a member of the opposite sex until the operation is allowed.

A transgender is not a man who wants to be a woman, or a woman who wants to be a man. Although the identity card says that he is a member of a gender, before the treatment the person is neither male nor female, he / she is transgender. Because there is a discrepancy between the gender in the brain / consciousness and the gender in the identity document.

There is no cure for the syndrome other than gender reassessment. Until the gender re-determination stage, the person is considered to be medically transsexual, but after the procedure, he is no longer a transsexual, but simply a woman or a man.

It is unpredictable to what family a transsexual can be born into. You cannot know if your child or grandchild is transgender. The majority of sufferers spend unhappy decades trying insistently to live in the gender they were born with, like everyone else. So, when these people are questioned, they may even persistently refuse to be of the opposite sex. As the years pass and mature, they begin to understand what is wrong and with great courage they can attempt to change everything radically. Because no one becomes transgender over time, you personally know whether you are transgender or not. If not, you’d be grateful for that.

Untreated, transsexuals can go mad or even commit suicide as a result of the anxiety and depression they can’t handle, because no one can suppress their existing identity for a lifetime. Before surgery, 80% of these people seriously intend to kill themselves, try or actually commit suicide. After surgery, this rate falls to the level of suicide rates in the community.

Transsexuality is not a negligible situation. Often, he may lose his family, friends, job, home, savings and reputation for the sake of this treatment. It should not be forgotten that

Nothing costs more than their lives.

These losses are the result of society’s indifference to the issue. Being born transsexual is not their choice. This is not a problem created by him.

If you change your gender by surgery, you will fall into a transgender’s pre-treatment state. No one can be forced to live in the wrong sex, even a day!.

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