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First Night Out Transgender

So, you want to go out, feel liberated… but don’t know where to go or how to go about it? Some quick tips and suggestions follow.

Get your makeup done professionally and obtain a wig that feminizes you and looks natural. Or, if you’re going to do your own makeup, do the homework first — read magazines and practice. Thre are many articles out there on makeup regarding skin tones, highlighting and contouring. And even articles about hair –different styles that enhance different types of face shapes. Style and color are very important. Do the very best you can and listen to advise from others you meet.

Be sure your clothing will blend in with the venue you’re headed to. Don’t wear faded jeans to a formal event, nor dress like Alexis Carrington for a rock concert. Going shopping? NO fishnets and/or mini skirts!

Wear shoes you can walk in! A wobbly gal attracts attention (and not the good kind)

Take a ride in the car. Get gas, go shopping! You will find that IF your attitude is carefree, others most likely will be as well. Good posture, and a confident outlook will get you far. Believe in you remind that you are simply a gal like all the rest going about her business. People are generally too busy to notice you. If they do notice, why do you care?

Some gals find that wearing sunglasses gives them a sense of security. If you need to speak, do so softly and slower then you normally do? Try to avoid that falsetto that everyone cansee past.

An LGBTI bar or party is always a great “bet” for an outing, espicially a first outing. Or the village in NYC – just about anywhere there is safe, check the events calendar in the community section with listings of friendly places to go.

For an outstanding first experience try known establishments like a FemmeFever event. We are having our Gala Ball on April 18th and go out of our way to make it comfortable and fun for all! From walking you into the ballroom from your car or room – and more.

Do a little exploring… Ask around… check out the New York or Arts & Enertainment section for past events that maybe coming around again.

There is more out there for you then imaginable! Sharing the experience is priceless!


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