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First Public Chinese Lesbian Wedding

On January 4, 2014, two Chinese lesbians will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Who are they? It is not possible to provide names as the lesbian couple ‘married’ in China.

January 4, 2013 was an auspicious day on which to get married in China, according to the China Daily. The date sounds similar to “love you forever” in Chinese.

Among the couples who got married were a 36-year-old woman named Dongdong and 30-year-old woman named Qiqi (both names are aliases), a lesbian couple in Shenzhen,China Daily reports (via the Southern Metropolis Daily). By taking vows, the couple became the first lesbian couple to hold a public wedding in Mainland China.

Although homosexual marriages cannot be legally certified in Mainland China, both couples received parental approval after initially encountering opposition: “Whether my child marries a man or a woman, she is still my daughter and I can think that the marriage brings me another daughter, which is also a source of happiness,” said Dongdong’s mother.

Taiwan is closer than Mainland China to legalizing gay marriage, as Shanghaiist reported last week. In October, tens of thousands of Taiwanese took to the streets of Taipei for the city’s 10th annual gay pride parade.

Last month, Gay Star News reported that Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice would commission studies into attitudes towards same-sex marriage in Asian cultures as part of research looking into legalizing gay marriage.

In 2011, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan warned that legalizing gay marriage would turn New Yorkers Asian. If you feel like a laugh, you can check out his reasoning, or lack thereof, here.

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