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Gay dating apps such as Grindr, Tinder, Jack’d and many others have numerous benefits; one benefit being that they bring a community of people together who would otherwise not have a way of connecting with one another and another benefit being that they allow for a person to chat with potential dates and/or browse through profiles for a mate while on the go. Dating apps also, however, have numerous drawbacks; one drawback being that the majority of the people that use them tend to be shallow and focused only on looks and finding sex and another drawback being that they invite people with malicious intent to join them and prey on unsuspecting victims. It is important to always keep in mind when using dating apps that the person you are chatting with is nothing but words and pictures on a screen until you meet them in person.

It isn’t uncommon for people to even experience racism on dating apps, especially black men. Many people view dating apps as spaces where they can be blunt and open about their personal preferences and personal ideologies, but I would suggest to think of dating apps more as speed dating events. You would more than likely dress up in your Sunday’s best and be cordial, kind and honest at a speed dating event, so why can’t you be a cordial, kind and honest gentleman while using dating apps?

You should always use your best judgement when it comes to meeting people from dating apps in person. For example, if something does not feel right or if someone makes you uncomfortable, then don’t go through with meeting them in person. You should never commit to meeting with someone if you have any hesitation or fears. Be safe, have fun and remember to always be yourself.

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