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Israel's Health Ministry Bans Gay Conversion Therapy
Israel's Health Ministry Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

Israel’s Health Ministry Bans Conversion Therapy

Israel’s openly gay health minister on Monday announced health care professionals can no longer practice so-called conversion therapy in the country. “No one needs conversion,” said Nitzan Horowitz after the Israeli Health Ministry published the prohibition.

Lesbians, gay, trans and straight, you are just as good and beautiful as you are.” A Wider Bridge, a U.S.-based organization that describes itself as “building a movement of LGBTI+ people and allies with a strong interest in and commitment to supporting Israel and its LGBTI+ communities,” in a statement notes “health professionals who engage in these abusive practices or refer patients for them will be subject to disciplinary proceedings that could result in their licenses being revoked.” “Conversion therapies can cause lasting emotional harm to vulnerable LGBTI+ individuals, sometimes with deadly results, said A Wider Bridge.

“This is why many countries have imposed severe sanctions on those who commit this dangerous practice.” A law that bans conversion therapy in Canada took effect last month. Brazil and Malta are among the handful of other countries that have prohibited the practice.

A Wider Bridge in its statement notes the Israeli Knesset still needs to codify the Health Ministry directive into law. “We thank the Ministry of Health and applaud our friends in Israel who relentlessly fight against these horrible practices,” said A Wider Bridge.

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