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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Lifestyle

Gay lifestyle consists of getting up, showering, get dressed, have breakfast, off to work, get groceries, cook dinner, do laundry, clean house, pay bills, shop online at sites like, watch TV, and sleep. Lesbian and gay people live their lives like everyone that have families, jobs, bills, and housework. Lifestyle means your way of living, so why is “lifestyle” applied to the LGBTI community?

When a gay or lesbian person hears someone referring to their life and sexuality as “lifestyle,” “lifestyle choice,” “choice,” or “sexual preference,” it makes them cringe.

Biological studies indicate sexuality is not a choice. Gay people have to cope with prejudice, hostility, discrimination, and rejection from society, making no sense to choose being gay. Willfulness and choice has no part in who becomes homosexual. Besides, who would actually choose to be isolated, ridiculed, bullied, teased, hated, beat up, called names, rejected by friends and family, targeted in hate crimes, murder, and sexual assault and have a risk of anxiety, self- harm, depression, and suicide?

Being a young LGBTI is painful and extremely difficult to admit, even to themselves, let alone to everyone else. No one likes to feel different, rejected, or looked down upon. Most people want to be accepted and fit into our society. Being gay or lesbian isn’t only about sexuality, it’s about culture, relationships, love, and family also. They fall in love, have long term relationships, start families, raise children, and deserve to be validated and respected for who they are. Being shown respect helps raise confidence in themselves and makes them feel accepted.

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