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Alternative Treatments for AIDS

Alternative therapies sustain a certain level of support among patients and practitioners. Both allopathic and homeopathic clinicians have a credible place in the treatment of various disorders. But what non-conventional therapies, if any, exist for those suffering from HIV-related maladies?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America, the best recommendation is to find a balance between conventional and alternative applications. New drugs are being tested regularly in the attempt to find both a cure and a means for slowing the progression of sicknesses related to a compromised immune system. Early diagnosis is crucial to getting the jump on HIV, the virus responsible for the breakdown of human immunity and contraction of full-blown AIDS. The CDC suggests any number of modalities to alleviate symptoms of the disease, with intent to restore an element of vitality to the person suffering.


When prescribed a regimen of pharmaceuticals, three additional categories of treatment are typically recommended for nearly all levels of disease: mind-body, nutrition and physical therapies. Certain types of massage have proven effective in alleviating symptoms related to chronic aches and pains, and for assisting circulation of bodily fluids and nerve activity. The ability to maintain control of one’s mind is critical to any approach; a sense of well-being and peace must be actively cultivated. Research has shown that discoveries in biofeedback and thought reinforcement have measurable positive effects on all people. Dietitians agree that the tried and true adages hold up: we are what we eat, garbage in – garbage out. Those suffering with more seriously compromised immune systems will likely benefit from a targeted nutritional supplement approach.

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Being in good health doesn’t excuse us from keeping vigil; sickness seems always to be looking for a chink in the armor. Regarding the holistic approach to healthiness, be sure to get the opinions and recommendations of qualified practitioners and the people they’ve treated. Such input will prove invaluable to recovery.

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