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Lesbian Stereotypes

Don’t be fooled into thinking, when you first hit the scene, that you need to conform to stereotypes. Be yourself and you’ll be sure to find genuine sexual happiness in the long run.

Thankfully, lesbian stereotypes are dissipating at quite a rate. Over the past few years various people have made it easier to be a lesbian in the public eye, which in turn has helped many more women come out. Finally, we are edging towards accepting lesbians on the same level as gay men.

However, it can be daunting for women coming out on the scene when they are confronted by these stereotypes. The difficult thing is maintaining a sense of your own identity when you finally do decide to take the plunge.

All too often, so many girls have felt that they should change their appearance, mannerisms and even interests to fit in – not only that, but they hide a past of sleeping with men. Unfortunately, there are still lesbians who find it hard to accept bisexual women as well as those lesbians who have had boyfriends or heterosexual encounters in the past.

It is vital, hard as it may seem, to maintain your identity at all costs, otherwise it will be a longer road to travel with regards to coming out to yourself – which is above all, the most important thing.

You will find people who suit your personality eventually and this is sure to happen if you are who you really are, rather than pretending to be something you are not to get a temporary quick fix of fitting in.

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Try meeting women on the internet for friendship and build up a strong group of friends, then you can feel ready to look for love.

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