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LGBTI Meaning: What is LGBTI?

The expression LGBT, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual, has been used since the 1900s.

Expressed as a rights struggle, LGBT was used as GLBT for a period, but it started to be referred to as LGBT again because lesbians were ignored in the society, later added intersexual people.

What does LGBTI stand for?

LGBTI Which Stands For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex

The LGBTI operation dating back to antiquity, 2000-3000 BC, has succeeded in shedding light on this issue by reflecting on the works of that period.

Although Christianity prohibits homosexuality, it is known that homosexual relations, although not very common, continued in Western countries throughout the Middle Ages. The bans, court orders and executions of the popes and cardinals prove that sexual relations and love continue to exist among LGBTIs despite these prohibitions.

With the French Revolution, homosexuality was decriminalized again in Europe, with the abolition of all crimes and punishments based on religion. When the French emperor Napoleon enacted the civil law in 1810, he did not give up this practice. In the 19th century, countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Bavaria and Italy accepted the Napoleonic laws, but homosexuality was no longer a crime in these countries.

What is a LGBTI Honor Mark?

A frequently cited goal of activist or social movement among LGBTIs is social equality for LGBTI people; some people also sought to develop LGBTI communities or liberate the wider society from sexual oppression. LGBT movements organized today are lobbying and street walks; social groups, support groups and community events; magazines, films and literature; academic research and writing; and business activities, as well as a wide range of political activism and cultural activities.

L: Lesbian, Lesbians

G: Gay, Gays

B: Bisexual, Bisexuals, Bisexual Man, Bisexual Woman etc…

T: Transgender, Transgenders, Transsexual, Transsexuals, Trans Man, Trans Woman, Trans Men, Trans Women etc…

I: Intersex, Intersexual, Intersexuals


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